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Ramey Merriweather                                                                                                                                    

                                                    A voice for those who have lost hope.

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Ramey Merriweather, the phenomenal woman, who not only served her country as a Wheel Vehicle Mechanic/Finance Specialist, in the United States Army during the Persian Gulf (Desert Shield/ Desert Storm wars, who also survived the “street” wars), as a result has armed her with the fortitude, tenacity, drive, and compassion to continue to serve for her country again to ensure that her fellow veterans understand their rights, become aware of the services available to them and most importantly provide the services for them through “The Electus Group”.


Ramey has traveled a long road in her forty years.  The path from middle class suburbia to a drug riddled life on and off the streets, and back to normalcy spanned nearly 25 years.


Ramey was born in 1969 in Toledo, Ohio to Sidney Merriweather, a single mother of two children and the first black female foreman at the Maumee Ford Motor Company. Ramey was bright-eyed and innocent.  She entered the world with opportunities never dreamed of a generation earlier.


From the time she was fifteen, Ramey wanted to join the army.  She had seen the “Be All You Can Be” ad campaign on Television and saw the army in her future.  Ramey wanted to be all she could be and was not afraid of the physical rigors that the army would require.   From training at Fort Dix, New Jersey to Heilbronn, Germany and then on to Saudi Arabia and the first Gulf War; Ramey’s reputation preceded her. Ramey narrowly escaped death having left Cement City shortly before the bombing of the US military barracks, the Kobahr Towers, and went on to encounter many other narrow escapes from awkward situations in the desert.


After Desert Shield/Storm, Ramey received an honorable discharge and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Southwest Asia Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal, and she also served on the Ammunition Augmentation Team.  She thrived with structure.  Without it, Ramey headed back to her former life. What ensued was nearly two decades of drug addiction, prostitution, detox centers, and rehabilitation facilities. 


After overcoming the trauma of substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and war time, Ramey has transitioned her life into becoming a positive role model and a voice for others who can identify with the trials of hopelessness, degradation, and obsession. Today, Ramey works for Mary Hall Freedom House, a non-profit founded to improve the quality of life of women and women with children by empowering them to break the cycle of addiction, poverty and homelessness.  She attends Georgia State University pursuing a psychology degree, and working to become a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC).


Ramey lives with the daughter that saved her from the life she was living, and has a wonderful relationship with her two oldest daughters which was important enough to her to climb out of  two decades of a life of drugs and homelessness, and her new baby, Ramey is a true voice for those suffering from the pain of becoming caught in a life style not intended for GOD’s people.